Mind-Body Healing

“We are biologically equipped with innate instincts for healing and self preservation…When these instincts get interrupted by trauma or ongoing stress, then our whole foundation is upset, and with it the free flow of [healing] energy”. -Anodea Judith

The mind and body are inextricably connected. Everything that has ever happened to us is filtered through – and often gets stuck in – our bodies. Returning to a state of equilibrium helps the mind-body regain its natural healing potential.

It is clear to me that effective healthcare requires a holistic approach. My goal is to meet people where they are at, skillfully get to the root of what is ailing, and facilitate effective, lasting change.  Modern research demonstrates that all systems are connected. With that understanding, I utilize trauma theory, hypnotherapy , subtle energy, nutrition, herbalism, and the growing field of psychonueroimmunology to help your body release what is no longer serving it and return to a state of relative health, ease, and vitality.

Sessions are personalized for your needs.