Groups are a phenomenal way to learn, heal, and grow within a supportive environment of peers who share many of your hopes and concerns.   While opening up to others may at first seem intimidating,  you will soon find how powerful  and nurturing a good group therapy experience can be.  We are relational beings by nature, after all!


Description: No one is exempt from grief and emotional loss, but that does not make it any easier.  Significant loss can cause ongoing pain that is difficult to break free from.  This 8-week group provides an opportunity to learn and practice specific actions so that you can experience a sense of recovery and healing from unmet emotional business. This group offers a safe, nurturing, and confidential environment to heal from grief and emotional loss.  


The next grief and loss group has not been scheduled. Contact me if you are interested and I’ll let you know when one is scheduled


Description:  As fundamentally tribal beings we have a profound need to gather in circle in an intentional way.  This group provides an opportunity to (re)discover a sense of connection, healing, and the sacred. Approximately once a month you will have an opportunity to gather together in a simple ceremony of cleansing, honest speaking, deep listening, and healing. No need to RSVP but please come on time.  Dress warmly and comfortably. In the summer months this event is held outside.  No drugs, alcohol, or dogs.  

Safety, privacy, and individuality fully honored and respected.  Blessings. 



Are you seeking support and more tools but don’t have a lot of time or money?  Are you not quite ready for group therapy? You are not alone and you have options!

You now have access to a variety of short term, low cost Therapeutic Classes ($10 per class!). They are 1 1/2 hour in length and are held in the evening.  The majority of these classes run for 4 weeks.  Occasionally I offer slam-bang, one time,  two-hour classes that are packed with practical information and tools that you can take home and put to immediate use.

Here is a list of Therapeutic Classes that I will be offering.  I will determine the order and frequency of classes based on interest.  If some other topic would be of help,  let me know!


  • Effective, Compassionate Communication: Couples

  • Effective, Compassionate Communication: Individuals

  • Managing Conflict and Setting Healthy Boundaries

  • Reducing Co-dependence: Take Control of Our Own Actions and Reactions

  • Managing Stress and Anxiety: Reclaiming Inner Balance

  • Grief and Loss: Find Peace, Healing, and Acceptance

  • Therapeutic Creativity: Utilize Creative Exploration for Deep Healing and Insight

  • Intuition: Reconnect with Our Inner Wisdom for Clarity, Self Care, and Empowerment

  • The Power of Nonviolence:  In Our Families, Work, and Society

  • Somatic Awareness: Reconnecting With Our Body and its Signals


Please contact me if you are interested in having me facilitate a class for your organization, school, or private group.